About Us

Seeing people enjoy our food is the best feeling ever.

Growing up in our family, we learned how to cook and grow our own food at young ages, making traditional recipes and coming up with our own special versions. We cooked at home, making everything from scratch with no preservatives or frozen ingredients. Our food was always fresh from the farm.

We fondly remember fresh cow milk to drink in the morning, homemade bread and butter, and beans simmering on the stove at lunch. The kids helped around the house and on the farm. There was always something to do! 

Those experiences gave us the deep appreciation for food and family that inspired Don Luis Café. In 2012 we opened our first restaurant in Buffalo Gap. We moved to Abilene, TX in 2014 and have since expanded our restaurants to Coleman locations as well. We hope you’ll dine in, take out, or cater our Mexican food & Cuban cuisines dishes today!